Jefferson County Board of Education
Neal Underwood, Deputy Superintendent of Operations
“I am honored to say that this firm is unique in its responsiveness to the needs of the Jefferson County Board of Education. The staff, from the corporate office to the men and women out in the field, truly listens and addresses the specific program and functional needs of our district. Mr. Bhate has developed a friendly, approachable, and customer-oriented firm and will do everything to ensure that the client is completely satisfied.  We, at JEFCOED, are grateful for the partnership we have had for decades and are looking forward to our continued relationship, in the years to come.”

LBYD, Inc.
Brad Christopher, President
BHATE is very well respected in our industry.  I’ve been fortunate to have worked on countless projects with them over the years.  The expertise and knowledge of Uday Bhate, Chuck Burgin, and many others within their company is impressive.  Their understanding of subsurface conditions in downtown Birmingham and the greater Birmingham area is very valuable.  Technical expertise, quality subsurface foundation recommendations, and accurate construction materials testing are all strengths of their companyCongratulations on 45 years of successful geotechnical engineering and testing!

Robins & Morton
Adam Scott, Senior Preconstruction Manager
During the exploration for the Valley Hotel, BHATE discovered two very different geological conditions.  Most geotechnical engineers would have issued a report and left it to the contractor to figure out.  Uday called me as soon as the report was issued and requested to meet to ensure we understood the issues from his perspective.  We certainly know that Uday was looking out for us. The Developer, after witnessing the conditions encountered during deep foundation installation, appreciates his concern for us all.”

Corporate Realty
Brian Wolfe, Chief Development Officer
We have faced many complicated geotechnical conditions over the years with BHATE and have come to trust their knowledge, capability, and leadership in guiding our structural engineers and contractors. Our projects benefit from their expertise and creativity as they advise and lead the development team to successful solutions. Without question, we’d recommend BHATE for geotechnical and construction materials testing services.”

Seefried Properties
Matt Brune, Development Manager
“Bhate Geosciences was an invaluable member of our team for the Amazon project in Bessemer, AL.  From initial site investigations, through design recommendations and construction testing, the Bhate team was quick to respond and assist. The project had extremely challenging soil conditions that required close work with our contractor to achieve a proper building pad.  We also had very exact interior concrete slab requirements with testing and remediation far beyond a standard distribution facility.  Also, due to the accelerated schedule, materials testing required the ability to add field staff quickly.  Bhate was always able to meet the needs of our contractor and provide quick direction to keep the project moving. Overall the project delivered on-time and under budget, and Bhate was a crucial part of the team.  We look forward to working with them again in the future.”

LBYD, Inc.
Richard Nail, Senior Principal
“BHATE provided preliminary site exploration to aid the owner in the property selection phase, geotechnical investigations, wetland and stream evaluations, erosion control monitoring and inspections, special inspections, and materials testing for Trussville High School. BHATE aided LBYD in preparing the plans and specifications and provided much assistance on establishing allowances for unforeseen conditions like undercut, groundwater/springs, foundation trench rock, etc. It is always a pleasure to work with BHATE Geosciences on a project. They excel on the difficult projects because of their vast experience and solid technical expertise. Projects like the new Trussville High School are successful because of the “solid ground” they are built upon. This “solid ground” is established and achieved by the excellence BHATE Geosciences strives for on each and every project.”

CS Beatty Construction
Brent Jones, Senior Pre-Construction Manager
“BHATE’s availability to work around our schedule, their hands-on approach, field exploration, expedited material testing and lab results were all imperative for us to be able to complete the HealthSouth headquarters for the owner ahead of schedule. They took the lead with regards to field exploration of the existing coal mine entrances, ensuring that they were properly identified, over excavated and replaced with structural fill in order to minimize any associated risk with the previous mining operations of the site. BHATE displayed a high level of expertise, made themselves available any time they were needed, provided direction with regards to unsuitable material, mine reclamation and were an overall integral part of the construction team allowing us to complete our scope ahead of schedule.”

Gray Construction
Joe Gerardi, Project Manager
“BHATE was a great partner on the Amazon Fulfillment Center. They were onsite 24 hours/day for 6 months while we were working double shifts to complete the fast-track project. They handled all of the unusual project demands with ease. This project required an overly large amount of tracking and updates all of which BHATE kept up with. We would love to partner with BHATE on another facility in the future.”