BHATE Geosciences has provided design consultation for numerous deep excavations for commercial, industrial, manufacturing and infrastructure construction projects. These excavations have ranged in depth from less than 20 feet to over 85 feet below the grade level.

Geotechnical Instrumentation and Monitoring can be very critical for projects such as tunnels, slopes and excavations next to sensitive structures. 

Excavation Shoring Design and Construction Monitoring 1

design consultation

We employ state of the art processes and site investigative techniques to develop cost effective design solutions. Preparation of reliable and cost-effective design requires sound geotechnical knowledge and expertise with all phases of the work such as:

  • Reliable Data on Soil Strength Parameters and Groundwater Conditions
  • Modeling to Assess the Loads on the Shoring System and Potential Ground Movements
  • Monitoring During Construction to Verify Installation and Field Conditions for Consistency with Assumptions of the Design Model

Our project designs have used a variety of shoring systems such as:

  • Soil Nail Walls – Shotcrete tied back with grouted soil anchors
  • Secant walls reinforced with structural elements and tied back
  • Sheet pile walls including marine structures and cofferdams
  • H-Pile and lagging systems in cantilever or with tiebacks

   design consultation