Subsurface Utility Engineering, (SUE), is a relatively new discipline that has grown exponentially in the past few decades. Engineers have long recognized the inaccuracies of most utility records, making cost estimating for relocation difficult or nearly impossible.

Even more costly are change orders and design adjustments during construction due to unexpected utility lines in the project area. Subsurface Utility Engineering was born of a desire to alleviate these costs and make construction projects safer, quicker and more easily managed

SUE Advantages

  • Reduces subsequent contractor claims for delays resulting from unexpected encounters with utilities. Unnecessary utility relocations are avoided. Accurate utility information is available to the designers early enough in the development of a project to design around many potential conflicts.
  • Reduces delays to the project caused by waiting for utility work to be completed so construction can begin.
  • Safety is enhanced. When excavation or grading work can be shifted away from existing utilities, there is less possibility of damage to a utility that might result in personal injury, property damage, and releases of product in the environment.