The BHATE team investigates causes of earthwork, foundations, concrete, steel and other structural failures to develop remedial solutions. We take a multi-disciplinary approach toward solving forensic engineering problems in a technically accurate and cost-efficient manner.

forensic engineering

Forensic engineering analysis typically consists of:

  • Review of existing data and reports
  • Field, laboratory and engineering analyses to investigate distress causation
  • Field instrumentation to monitor changes over time
  • Evaluate risk of further distress
  • Develop recommendations for repairs
  • Cost estimates and construction documents for various repair options
  • Provide construction administration and quality control of remedial work

Common problems that a forensic analysis can help with include:

  • Expansive or collapsible soils
  • Settlement of poorly compacted earth and rock fills
  • Corrosion
  • Moisture intrusion
  • Groundwater and subsurface drainage
  • Pavement failures
  • Retaining structure and slope failures
  • Deep foundation integrity testing
  • Excavation and shoring system ailures
  • Geohazards, sinkholes & underground mines
  • Differing site condition disputes

  forensic engineering