April is Safe Digging Month – Map Underground Utilities with GPR

April is National Safe Digging Month and serves as a reminder to have the location of utility lines marked before you excavate or dig.  Locating underground utilities prior to commencing with excavation activities prevents line strikes, injuries, property damage, utility outages and reduces change orders and insurance claims.

Construction projects are safer, quicker and better managed when you use BHATE’s ground penetrating radar services to map underground utilities.

BHATE performs ground penetrating radar (GPR) which is a geophysical method that uses radar pulses to image a surface.  While 811 utility locating services can be useful, GPR provides extreme precision in utility line mapping and subsurface utility engineering, which is important when preventing line strikes. GPR can find unmapped utility lines and underground storage tanks (UST), which can prevent your company from being liable for accidental releases of hazardous substances.

Why use BHATE for GPR Services?

Knowledge & Experience

  • GPR SUEBHATE was the first engineering company in Alabama and one of the first in the South to perform (GPR) and has over 25 years of experience in providing GPR solutions.
  • In addition to having backgrounds in civil engineering and geology, our GPR specialists have been trained by and are supervised by licensed engineers and geologists. We view each project with a mindset of an engineer which provides problem-solving solutions that save both time and money.
  • BHATE has the experience and knowledge to read the GPR reports, understand and interpret and provide you with cost-effective solutions.

Timely Response

  • BHATE prides itself on quickly responding to customer needs and scheduling our technicians to work around your schedule. A cost-effective subsurface investigation is never far away. With offices in Alabama, Mississippi, and Florida, BHATE is positioned to service the Southeast in a timely manner with GPR services.

Cost-Effective Engineering Solutions

  • BHATE offers competitive GPR rates and technical knowledge that helps clients identify and resolve issues cost-effectively.
  • The benefits of proactively using GPR outweigh the potential costs and liabilities associated with line strikes, damaging reinforcing steel and the unknown.

Interested in BHATE’s GPR services? Contact us now for more info on our GPR services or a quote.