Exceptional Foundation Chili Cook-Off

Congrats Team BHATE on placing in the top 50 in The Exceptional Foundation Chili Cook-Off! 160 teams competed and although we did not take home a trophy, we enjoyed the team building experience and opportunity to support a wonderful organization.

Thanks to Beck Smith (Team Captain), Jim Milton, Brannon Fox, Lacey Bacchus, Aayushi Kale & Tyler Price for their hard work in making this event a success!

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About BHATE Geosciences:

BHATE Geosciences Corporation (BHATE) provides geotechnical, construction materials testing and environmental engineering applications with quality, service, excellence and safety.  BHATE was founded on the belief and commitment that we will serve our clients better than anyone in the industry.

From our beginning in 1975 in Birmingham, BHATE has grown to prominence and is recognized in the professional and construction community for state-of-the-art value engineering applications. These applications have resulted in technical advancement and effective cost savings in construction.

BHATE operates from our headquarters in Birmingham with offices throughout Alabama, Florida and Mississippi.