BHATE’s Employees of the Month – Mike Ellison & Trey Helms

This month, we wanted to recognize and honor two team members as Employee of the Month – Mike Ellison and Trey Helms. Mike joined Team BHATE in 2017 and serves as Environmental Technician. Trey, who came to BHATE in 2016, is an Environmental Project Manager.

They are being featured this month for their work on a unique project where the campus has sat empty since 2008.  The site’s buildings had become dilapidated but the site is currently undergoing redevelopment. BHATE was hired to perform hazardous material surveys including asbestos and lead-based paint sampling on the two-block site before demolition. The site posed difficult conditions for safety reasons, sanitary concerns and biological hazards. Mike and Trey lead the team to perform over 1,200 samples, produced a 900-page report and helped minimize redundancy and increased efficiencies on this vast project.

Thank you Mike and Trey and the entire team who worked on this major redevelopment!


About BHATE Geosciences:

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