BHATE Geosciences Corporation performs comprehensive pavement evaluations for cost effective infrastructure asset management. We are experienced in all methods of pavement condition assessment for roads, bridges, general aviation to large-hub airports.

Knowledge of the existing structure and condition is critical to developing a reliable, cost-effective pavement restoration design. Highway and Airside pavements present a challenge in the regard, due to the limited time windows afforded for pavement evaluation and the critical nature of ensuring their structural and functional integrity.


Decisions about pavement maintenance and rehabilitation are often based on immediate need rather than long term planning based on documented condition data. The selection of the best course of action should be determined based on the predicted effects of each action. BHATE Geosciences’ experienced engineers can assist the client with development of the most cost effective pavement management strategies.

BHATE Geosciences owns and operates several pieces of equipment using state of the art technology for rapid inspection and evaluation services.