• Our company was founded on the belief and commitment that we will serve our clients better than anyone in the industry.
  • From our beginning in 1973, we have grown to prominence and are recognized nationally in the professional and construction community for state-of-the-art value engineering applications.
  • We believe that responsiveness to client needs is a key ingredient for success. Our engineers, scientists, and technicians work closely with your project team from the design phase through construction. This assures practical design solutions, enhanced communication and the ability to address complex problems that go beyond typical design issues.
  • We find the best engineering solution for your project, delivered on-time, within budget and at a competitive price. Our clients recognize that value is not just about having the lowest price.
  • Today we operate from our headquarters in Birmingham, AL with offices throughout Alabama, Florida, and Mississippi.



Motivated and Dedicated

Our team members are motivated and possess qualities that make them the perfect fit for our customer oriented Quality, Service, Excellence and Safety business philosophy. They respect each other and have a sense of urgency and timeliness. Our employees take ownership and are committed to the client and BHATE’s mission.

Accountable and Dependable

Integrity is founded on honesty, accountability and delivery. Our employees are responsible for themselves and others. They ask for help when they need it and inspire others to achieve excellence. Being dependable means you complete tasks given on time and on budget and solve issues that arise during a project.

Attitude and Consistency

Good attitude is gold. There is a premium put on intangibles like creativity but there is a need for someone who shows up every day and gets the job done. Innovation is backed by hard work.

Committed and Passionate

Our employees approach every day as if it is an opportunity to do something extraordinary and are committed to their jobs, team members and clients. They care about the people they are working with and the clients they serve.  They have fun working with the team.

We have many great, motivated and talented employees who share our vision and are loyal. We work hard to develop our staff as successful people and professionals. Loyalty comes with it. A character-driven employee will act in the best interest of our clients.

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